Project Details

KSS were delighted to be invited by Toulouse Football Club to repurpose a listed 1950s building on the Ile du Ramier as their new Pro Team Training Centre. The Corbusier-inspired building was designed as a restaurant for the surrounding university accommodation but was decommissioned in the 1990s and was derelict when taken over by TFC in 2023. Opportunities for modification of the listed building structure were strictly limited. However, KSS demonstrated the building’s capacity to accommodate the new use through detailed briefing and spatial analysis. 

Having determined the building’s functional suitability, KSS worked closely with TFC in developing a vision for the design, which reflects the values of the club through material choices, graphic design, colour and texture. The design reorganises the building’s plan around retained structure and stairs and delivers new high-quality, bespoke spaces tailored to the new uses within an environment of quality and calm. A limited palette of natural materials and a focus on subtle lighting deliver a sophisticated ambience throughout, and always with respect for the quality of the beautiful original. 

 All required city permits have been obtained and construction has commenced, with completion scheduled for Summer 2025.