About us

Architecture has the potential to inspire and be an enormous force for good. Buildings form long term backdrops to people’s lives, and provide comfort, security, stimulation and enjoyment. We have a responsibility to design the best we can to progressively shape a better world, both for now and for future generations.

We are an award-winning AJ100 architecture and design practice.

With offices in central London and Kent, we are one of the leading sports stadia and training centre architects with a strong presence in residential, education, commercial, hospitality and workplace.



Designing Intelligently

Our aim is to create intelligent and flexible modern architecture where the design is informed by site context, functionality and a practical approach to sustainability and energy efficiency.

Each project generates unique problems to solve.  We never “stand still” and always look to improve the way we design to give building users the best possible experience.

 We are a practice that listens to our clients. We are team players in the design process, and believe in an open approach based on understanding, exploration and mutual respect.

Working Collaboratively

We work in virtually all market sectors, and have extensive experience on education, residential and leisure projects, and an international reputation on major sports venues and training facilities.

We take a positive approach to collaborative working and have established teaming and partnerships both in the UK and worldwide. We are also comfortable joining contractor teams within framework agreements.

Our aim is to be a global leader in the development of sports facilities, and our expertise takes us overseas where we work with local partners to deliver the right solution for the local market.

Our work place is informal but focussed, and we provide our clients with a highly personal and responsive service based on honest pragmatic advice and a ‘can do’ attitude.

Developing Building Identities

Our interior and graphic designers provide an extra dimension to our work, and create tailored interiors, way finding signage and brand identities which complement and reinforce our design ideas.

Exploring client core values can provide the inspiration which takes a design to the next level, and we find that doing so often leads to a much broader scope and range of applications.

The result is a personalisation of buildings and interiors where client values, work ethic and vision are embedded into the fabric, enhancing the sense of ownership and enriching the user experience.

Taking Responsibilities Seriously

We take our professional management responsibilities seriously, and our services are quality assured under ISO 9001:2015 and environmental policy certified under ISO 14001:2015.

The way buildings are designed is changing, and we use the latest BIM software to produce better buildings in terms of design and construction, energy performance, risk reduction and facilities management.

We think of KSS as a wider family as well as a business, and aim to give all of our staff a rewarding career and the opportunity for personal and professional advancement.

Supporting Professional Training

As an RIBA Chartered Practice, we have a responsibility to provide ongoing training for our staff. We also promote young talent and recognise that training to be an architect is a long haul and takes time and money.

We run a sponsorship and mentoring programme which helps our most talented graduates after their post Part 1 practical training through Part 2, and finally on to their Part 3 professional qualification.

Although we accept that we cannot hold on to all of our graduates once they have finally qualified, many stay on and some have moved up through the company to senior levels.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability has become a major issue of our time, and one the design and construction industry simply has to address. As architects helping to shape the future built environment, we embrace our obligation to promote sustainability as a core design objective and actively encourage clients to adopt a positive approach to thinking beyond the short term and setting higher targets.

We always seek to create buildings which contribute to good health and wellbeing, and provide interesting and stimulating spaces in which to live, work and enjoy life. We achieve this through intelligent design based on site context analysis, flexible use of space, appropriate materials selection, robust construction methods and efficient consumption of resources, in both construction and operation. Our approach is backed up by an accredited QA process through which we monitor progress at each design stage.