Southend Campus, South Essex College

Project Details

The award-winning South Essex College at Southend-on-Sea is a flagship education project for the Thames Gateway which sets new standards in design and is a unique showcase for modern further and higher education.

The new college is a truly sustainable, low energy building combining flexible curriculum space with an ETFE clad central atrium housing a 250 seat performance “pod” and sculptural multi-level dining decks.

We created colourful concepts for the main interior spaces, and inspired by the features of the new building, updated the original college logo into one which subtly formed the graphic basis of the wayfinding signage and branding throughout.

Integrated into the South Essex College development, Ora is open to staff, students and members of the public. Its purpose is to provide reareal-lifeperience for catering students at the college as part of their course requirements, and generate additional revenue for the college at the same time – Food for thought indeed!

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