Clean Kitchen Club

Battersea Power Station

Project Details

Our vision for the flagship Clean Kitchen Club, located within the iconic Grade II* listed Battersea Power Station, has truly brought to life the brand’s ambition to bring plant-based food to the mainstream.

We were inspired by the team’s pure passion for their product, brand, and vision, alongside the community that they were forging, so we designed a distinctive interior that would build on the brand ethos but also elevate it to flagship quality. Our aim was to create an environment that Clean Kitchen Club could uniquely own and that was true to their brand. Our concept was clear, it had to be ‘Clean’, pure, fresh, and minimal to represent the ethos of the product. The design required the nostalgia and familiarity of a ‘Kitchen’ to support the authenticity of the brand. Lastly, we injected the atmosphere of the Clean Kitchen ‘Club’ through the spirit of its founders and their connections to their Club and community.