We were delighted to accept the Project of the Year Award for our Leicester City FC Training Ground at the Stadium Business Summit last year.

Our designs have delivered the Premier League’s most advanced training facility to accommodate Leicester City FC’s academy and first team players. The facility combines best practice in elite sports training with a celebration of the club’s culture and ethos.

We developed the masterplan with sensitivity and a full understanding of the rural site context, balancing the Club’s ambitious brief alongside consideration of the impacts of development on key neighbours and receptors.

Key components of the project include 14 full-size pitches, together with various smaller pitches and targeted outdoor training areas, surrounding a signature full-size indoor pitch that moulds into the landscape and forms the centre point to the masterplan. A dedicated training facility incorporates medical, tactical, rehabilitation, performance and relaxation facilities for all players.

The Stadium Business judging panel said, “A world-class facility, enabling Leicester City to truly establish themselves as a player in the top of the Premier League”.

A statement of intent for the future, the state-of-the-art new complex in Seagrave has been used by the Foxes for over a year now and the team reaction is extremely positive, with Manager Brendan Rodgers describing the transition as being a ‘different world all together’ for the Club.
A sentiment echoed in the tour video – click here to watch