Successful first year at Braiswick Academy

Braiswick Academy enjoyed a successful first academic year of 60 reception year pupils having opened in September 2015 within their new Early Years building.

This September they will be increasing their pupil intake and will gradually fill the new building accommodating two forms of entry over the next couple of years.

The building aesthetic references many of the local materials and forms evident in the local vernacular. Landscaping is a key contributor utilising the sites natural gradients creating various spaces for the needs of the pupils from all age groups, teaching staff and parents, whilst responding positively to the site context and largely residential surrounding land use.

The new school has received fantastic reviews from the local community and teachers, Lorraine Laudram, Headteacher at Braiswick Academy said, “Braiswick Academy is very spacious and the school grounds have a wonderful feel to them. Everyone is impressed with the new building.”