Exclusive staff preview of Spurs training ground

On a gloriously sunny Thursday, 60 KSS staff boarded a coach from W1, with others travelling separately to Enfield North London. Why? For an exclusive preview of the recently completed 73 acre Tottenham Hotspur Football Club training ground.

Hosted by key members of the KSS team, the access all areas tour took staff through the new facility and around the grounds. Our ‘tour guides’ explained the background to the building, the design principles and long project planning & pre-commencement history and how the architectural, graphics and interior designers worked as an integrated group to capture the THFC values in all aspects of the building and site design. This included why and where certain materials were used, how the layout was developed and refined through workshops with the client and the players.

Approx. 3500 sqm of ETFE covers the indoor artificial pitch which forms the focal point of the building, tying the Academy and First Team wings together with views into the space and to the external pitches throughout the building.

An amazing piece of site master planning, architecture and design that speaks volumes about the Club’s aspirations and acknowledged by the Club and their extensive contacts to be one of the best international training sites.