Reflections on MIPIM 2017

A quiet and until now, relatively unannounced celebration of my 10th MIPIM. For some, this will not be seen as a particularly major achievement, and for others it could register as a significant milestone. For me, it records a decade of attendance at one of, if not the best, industry events of the year.

Importantly, in recent years, and 2017 being no exception, the dialogue, interaction and general conversation was much more dynamic, relevant and focused. There were more senior representatives attending the Festival in Cannes determined to explore new projects and deepen existing relationships in the desire to develop ongoing opportunities.

We were very fortunate that the weather this year was extremely pleasant and far more “Cannes like” than the last few trips, which encouraged everyone to participate with more enthusiasm and there was definitely a positive feeling in the air.

Undoubtedly, the highlight was seeing my friend and colleague – James Budd, completing the MIPIM Cycle Challenge, riding every leg of the 1,500km journey from London to Cannes in aid of the incredible Coram Children’s Charity, after making a courageous recovery from a paragliding accident just 18 months ago. Simply incredible and dare I say rather emotional to see James cross the finishing line, in such good shape – well done James!

It was good to see the very impressive New London Architecture’s 1:2000 scale model of central London at MIPIM, which showcased our fantastic York Road residential project. It was exciting to see the ongoing regeneration taking place in the world’s capital, and how it continues to tell the story of development in London.

So, a long week, it was hard work, but for me one of the most enjoyable periods of the year and a wonderful chance to meet again with great friends, who share in the privilege of attending MIPIM and working in such an exciting industry.

I’m looking forward to MIPIM 2018!

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