James’ Cycle to MIPIM 2017 diary – Part 2

I have under 6 weeks to go now until the start of the Legal & General Real Assets Cycle to MIPIM 2017.

Training has picked up pace and I’m increasing my daily exercise to build up strength particularly in my left side. My Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is now at 230 Watts; 20 Watts up on November 2016, but ideally I would like to be at 250 Watts for the Cycle to MIPIM. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Functional Threshold Power – it’s our ability to sustain the highest power output over 60 minutes.

Unfortunately, 240 Watts is a more realistic target considering that I am still recovering from my ankle surgery, and currently trying to shake off an annoying bout of man-flu! It’s scary to look at the FTPs of the Pros – a completely different (and younger) league – obviously!

I had a double spin class on Monday, weights on Tuesday and a 1 hour low (45rpm) cadence power-session on Wednesday. On Thursday, I attended the MIPIM Club Peloton social – it was great to meet MIPIM ride newbies and seasoned MIPIM riders alike who were really generous in sharing training tips with other riders and also different fundraising ideas – so positive about the cycle challenge!

The ride starts in London on the 9 March finishing by the Mediterranean in Cannes on the 14 March typically covering 200/300(+) km each day. I’m raising funds with Club Peloton for the charity Coram that has been supporting vulnerable children for over 275 years.

 Please donate: https://race-nation.com/sponsor/e/66388/

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