Planning approval for Meopham School in Kent

Last week, KSS received planning approval from Kent County Council for Meopham Secondary School in Kent.

From its inception, the driver for the project has been to provide the School with an inspiring and unified campus that is ready to take on the challenges of 21st century education. The consolidation of the existing footprint has resulted in a design where the School’s facilities are accommodated entirely under one roof, allowing for significant areas of surrounding land to be returned to their green belt designation.

The simple facade palette combining masonry and profiled metal cladding provides a dramatic change in image and is intended to blend into its wooded surroundings. Protruding window reveals have been used to introduce an element of colour to the design as well as intentionally interrupting the rhythm of the fenestration.

The scheme adopts a simple, orthogonal form allowing for an efficient internal layout that is further enhanced by a centrally located, external courtyard. Provision for community access to the new sports and performance facilities will help maintain and enhance the School’s relationship with the local residents and alike.

Construction is set to begin in June 2016, with completion expected in December 2018.