Designing in a new light

The extraordinary light works of the recent Lumiere festival provided fantastic inspiration for us at KSS where the city’s streets were transformed with spectacular set of artworks across the capital illuminating the night sky. They provided a welcome antidote to our post-holiday blues.

Iconic buildings across the capital dazzled in darkness and invited locals and tourists to explore London in new and exciting ways. Phone boxes of fish, giant flowers and towering animated circuses were just some of the unusual installations on show bringing light into areas we least expected.

Each installation underlined the possibilities of light and how it can change our perception of urban environments. At the Stade Océane in France, our stadium transformed the local townscape with a dramatic exterior facade made up of a series of blue polymer shells bringing the deep blue aura of the ocean to the Port City of Le Havre.

The key elements of the Lumiere festival – Light, Sound, Colour and Senses – were crucial in our project at St. Thomas hospital with light guiding the user through the spaces in an intuitive way delivering a unique environment.

The sheer volume of people who came to see Lumiere shows the popularity for thinking differently and experiencing the extraordinary. The streets were full of joy and excitement as the ‘art on the street’ allowed us all to see London in a different light.

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