Summer refurbishment at Stamford Bridge

KSS were recently appointed to reconfigure the Officials’ changing room and provide an accommodation appraisal of the Chelsea FC offices at Stamford Bridge.

The start of the season saw the completion of the new Officials’ changing room following a tight summer programme. Across two distinct areas, a relaxation lounge with bespoke joinery unit focussed around a light and graphic installation which creates a stunning wall showing key match times in a rhythmic clock design.

For the first phase of the office strategy we provided fantastic and modern additions spread over two levels of the South Stand and Estates Hub at Stamford Bridge. Our designs for the tea stations and WC’s continue to reflect the brand’s dynamic edge whilst providing a refreshingly different aesthetic to the rest of the office space.

The Tea Stations use the bold and bright secondary colour palette to lift relatively confined spaces. Applied wall graphics to painted brickwork inspired by curves of the Rampant Lion’s tail from the Chelsea FC badge create a relaxing environment with a sense of humour.

As the Champions’ challenge for another year of success our latest transformations provide sophisticated, brand inspired and up-to-date environments suitable for one of the most successful clubs in English football.