The changing face of London

In recent years, we have seen many changes to the London landscape, not least to the stretch between Old Street roundabout and Central Street along the City Road.

Following a Farrell masterplan for the area, many new developments have been springing up over 20 storeys and changing the composition of the area. This change has been very positive for this part of the City, as previously derelict sites have become hotels, shops, offices and art galleries.

Known as ‘Tech City’, the area around Old Street roundabout has instigated a lot of the development, changing from a more traditional creative hub to a high tech focussed hub, attracting many small businesses in the digital world.

From Old Street Roundabout to Central Street off the City Road the dynamic of the City is changing, going up in scale. Some of the stand out additions to the skyline include the White Collar Factory, Scape Shoreditch, The Atlas Building, Eagle House and 250 City Road which includes two tall residential towers, retail, offices and public open space designed by Foster + Partners.

More developments are currently in the pipeline signalling an exciting time for this part of Central London. Other areas of redevelopment in London include the urban renaissance at Paddington, with our mixed use project at 206 Marylebone Road nearby, recently receiving planning approval.

The scale of the new developments is impressive and will contribute to the existing urban fabric hugely. They bring new commercial and social advantages to the area which are very welcome. We fail to understand the opposition to this type of progress, long may it continue.

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