Planning submitted for 206 Marylebone Road

This week, Marylebone Properties Ltd submitted a planning application for the conversion of 206 Marylebone Road into residential accommodation, office space and retail units.

The mixed use scheme will include 64 flats for private sale and shared ownership whilst also providing 1400sqm additional office space and 440sqm of retail units.

The proposal seeks to preserve the character and presence of the unlisted building of merit, and raise the quality of design in the area whilst respecting the sensitivities of adjacent listed buildings and the Dorset Square conservation area.

The majority of the classical Marylebone Road 1930s façade will be retained with the exception of the 1960s extension, which will be demolished to provide a new section to the north of Balcombe Street, creating four distinct masses within three blocks allowing for valuable light between living space and external amenity direct to each apartment. For the new buildings we are to create a new façade of wholly contemporary design that is both sympathetic to the original, but also improves the streetscape relating positively to its surrounding context.

The ground floor frontage will accommodate the main entrance to apartments housed within the existing building facade and associated amenity space whilst also providing retail opportunities at street level.

KSS take great pleasure in creating projects that have the potential to truly improve lives. 206 Marylebone Road will deliver a platform for the future in a rewarding environment that will add a positive dimension to the local street massing.